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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. TTB offers a variety of options to help you in your job search, including:

• Career Coaching
• Interview Prep
• CV Writing services
• Candidate Premium Services

However, TTB does not directly present candidates to employers unless that employer is an active client with a job opportunity that matches your skill.

Contact us to discuss our current open positions and we can assist you. After reviewing the requirements, if your skills meet the specific requirements for one or more positions. Please visit our career page and apply for the specific position advertised. If no position meets your current interest, you can submit your resume to us for future consideration.

In the event you are presented to one of our clients for an open position, TTB will provide feedback on your resume to help emphasize your strengths for a position. However, to adjust your resume for your general Job Search, consider one of our Premium Candidate services, such as:

• Professional Resume service for professionals entrenched in their careers
• Candidate Branding service for Rising Executives
• Resume writing, interview prep & personal branding with a Head Shot
• Candidate Branding Executive service for C-Level Leaders

Yes, we provide temporary and permanent placements.

The simple reason is that recruitment agencies take the time to understand all of the specifications you’re looking for in a candidate as well as what your company values are, and we use all of that information to match you with the ideal candidates for your business. The network that agencies have will far outweigh a single company’s reach.

No, TTB candidate fees are paid by our clients in the event you are hired. We do offer Candidate Premium Services that are available to you, but those services are completely optional.

Due to the volume of applicants that TTB receives for our positions, we appreciate your patience while our recruiters review your background. You will be contacted if there is a right match for an active open position. If you have not been contacted within 2 weeks , your profile will be in our talent pool and we will contact you once a suitable role arises.

We serve a variety of sectors and industries across the Middle East including Hospitality, Engineering, Retails, IT etc. Our job is to provide your company with the most effective tools to hire candidates that are an excellent fit for your company, regardless of the industry you work in.

Our recruiters use a wealth of resources to help source local and international talent. We have access to various online databases that help us find creative ways of locating and attracting potential candidates to the positions our clients are looking to fill. We use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to help generate awareness and interest in open positions.

A headhunter is someone who finds and pursues professionals who are already employed at other companies and recruits them to work for you instead.

Charging fees to a candidate seeking employment is illegal in the UAE; Employers pay the consultants for finding talent.

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